Restaurant & Lounge

A unique & versatile scrubbing machine developed for Quick Service Restaurants & Kiosks, etc., Commercial Kitchens, Full Service Restaurants, Bars & Clubs, Dining Rooms & Lounges

A Restaurant can be a busy stressful environment. Orders need to be fulfilled and out the door to awaiting customers. That’s why it’s easy to lose track or time when it comes to cleaning those corners, hard to get at spots and public areas like washrooms. But after a while, grime and dirt start to build up and customers will notice. So too will a health inspector. Today a bad review will be made public and a reputation can be quickly destroyed. That’s where ProScrub comes in to help with day to day maintenance of floor space, equipment, surfaces and more. It makes the task of cleaning faster and most cost-effective, so you can focus on food not filth.

  • Corners, Baseboards & Floors
  • Chairs, Counters & Furniture
  • Bathrooms, Toilets & Counters
  • Stairs, Steps & Entrances
  • Service Counters, Walk-in Refrigerators and Freezers
  • Refrigerators, Stainless Steel, Ventilation Hoods
  • Tables & Chairs, under Booths & Banquet Seating


Improve efficiency of labour intensive cleaning tasks.


Eliminate unappealing, arduous, hand-cleaning work.


Deliver better, more consistent cleaning results.


Your staff, customers AND your business will benefit.
Why Buy ProScrub?
  • Controlling labor costs is vital to the budget
  • Retaining skilled and reliable employees is critical
  • Need to motivate millennials to focus on standards
  • Need to protect aging workforce from on-the-job injury
  • Passing restaurant inspection and achieving favorable online reviews is critical


  • Using ProScrub will improve the cleanliness of the Restaurant, Club or Bar, particularly in areas that are noticeable to Customers, Inspectors and Staff.
  • The Restaurant Crew and can incorporate detail cleaning using ProScrub into their routine of everyday work; making it manageable and pleasant.
  • Investing in ProScrub will improve the efficiency and use of extra staff for cleaning under cooking and preparation equipment, under counters, tables and chairs, and inside refrigerators and freezers. Our experience is that ProScrub will pay for itself in savings in under 4-months.
  • Users tell us that staff find ProScrub easy to use, cleans better than mopping alone, and changes an unpleasant cleaning job into pleasant and fun experience.