Frequently Asked Questions

Where is ProScrub made?

ProScrub was developed in Sweden, and is available in North America though an exclusive distribution agreement with Bissell Big Green Commercial®. Hygiene Performance Solutions Inc. is the exclusive Master Distributor of ProScrub 2.1 for Canada.

Do I need an electrical power cord to operate ProScrub?

No. ProScrub is battery operated.

How long does it take to charge the battery?

The battery takes 6.0 hours to charge. The battery life averages 2.0 to 2.5 hours under normal use. For best battery life, only recharge the battery when it is fully depleted. Consider a second battery to keep ProScrub operating during recharge periods.

Are replacement parts and extra accessories available?

Yes. Contact Hygiene Performance Solutions for a complete list of extra accessories and replacement parts.

Is the ProScrub covered under warranty?

Yes. If you receive ProScrub in anything less than perfect condition, contact Hygiene Performance Solutions immediately; we will arrange to replace your unit, at no cost to you. ProScrub also comes with a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty – from Bissell. If during your first year of service, the device fails to operate (outside of operator damage), contact Hygiene Performance Solutions; we will arrange to replace your unit, at no cost to you.

Can the motorized head be immersed in water?

No. The brushes and pads can be exposed to water and cleaning fluids, however the motorized head cannot. Do not immerse the motor unit in water.

Is the battery charger certified for use in Canada? And what is its life expectancy?

Yes. The battery charger is certified by Underwriters Laboratory Canada (ULC). With normal use, and if charged and handled correctly, the 12—Volt Nickel Metal Hydride (NIMH) battery should last between 14,000 – 15,000 hours.

Can I use my existing floor cleaning chemical in the ProScrub?

Yes. Most general purpose, floor cleaning products are appropriate for use in the solutions tank and dispensing line. Avoid putting harsh stripper chemicals in the solutions tank (these can be applied manually – then use the black/brown pads to scrub).

What do the different colors mean on the floor pads?

The floor pad color indicates the degree of abrasiveness and the use of pad. The darker the color the more abrasive the pad. For example: the white pad is buffing, the black pad for heavy stripping. Every flooring surface is unique, we recommend you test the use of a floor pad before using the ProScrub.

I love my ProScrub and know a colleague who may want to buy one; is there a referral program?

Yes. Absolutely! We love it when our customers spread the good word about ProScrub! A referral that leads to a sale, may be eligible for a referral bonus. To find out more, contact Hygiene Performance Solutions.