Child Care

A unique & versatile scrubbing machine developed for Daycare Centres, Play Spaces, Kindergartens

As every parent knows too well, little children and even infants, can make big messes. And while early child care workers may do their best to keep things neat and tidy, over time dirt and grime start to build up — especially in those hard to get at areas. ProScrub lets you stay on top of keeping your facility spotless by incorporating deep cleaning as part of a daily routine. It’s light, portable and effective at getting around tight corners and in places normally requiring hand and knee scrubbing. Don’t let parents or health inspectors be the ones to remark on the state of your premises, let ProScrub do the job.

  • Corners, Baseboards & Floors
  • Under Chairs, Counters, and Furniture
  • Bathrooms, Toilets, and Sinks
  • Stairwells, Steps, and Entrances
  • Play and Recreational Equipment
  • Lunch Rooms, Paint/Arts & Crafts Areas


Improve efficiency of labour intensive cleaning tasks.


Eliminate unappealing, arduous, hand-cleaning work.


Deliver better, more consistent cleaning results.


Your staff, customers AND your business will benefit.
Why Buy ProScrub?
  • Custodial / Facilities Manager
  • Controlling labor costs is vital to the budget
  • Retaining skilled and reliable staff is critical
  • Child care educators are reluctant cleaners
  • Need to motivate millennials to focus on standards
  • Need to protect aging workforce from on-the-job injury


  • Using ProScrub will improve the cleanliness of the Child Care Centre or Nursery, particularly in areas that are noticeable to Parents, Inspectors, and Staff.
  • Early Childhood Workers and Support Staff can incorporate detail cleaning using ProScrub into their routine of everyday work; making it manageable and pleasant.
  • Investing in ProScrub will improve the efficiency and use of extra staff for cleaning in washrooms, crawl and play areas, baby and diaper changer rooms, and for deep cleaning of toys. Our experience is that ProScrub will pay for itself in savings in under 3-months.
  • Users tell us that staff find ProScrub easy to use, cleans better than mopping alone, and changes an unpleasant cleaning job into pleasant and fun experience.