Professional Beauty

A Unique & Versatile Scrubbing Machine Ideal for Hair Salons, Nail Salons, Tanning Facilities, Tattoo Parlors, Esthetics and Spas.


Stylists tell us that after a day of client treatments and product applications, floors, counters, mirrors and shelving are noticeably filthy. Couple this with a full appointment schedule, and only the basics are cleaned at the end of the day, adding to the build-up of dirt. Over time, complacency sets in and staff become used to working in unclean surroundings, but your customers will notice and soon, and so will your business. With ProScrub, you can keep your facility looking its best each and every day.

  • Corners, Baseboards & Floors
  • Chairs, Counters & Furniture
  • Bathrooms, Toilets & Counters
  • Stairs, Steps & Entrances
  • Soaking Tubs, Basins, Therapeutic Baths
  • Treatment Chairs and Shampoo Stations


Improve efficiency of labour intensive cleaning tasks.


Eliminate unappealing, arduous, hand-cleaning work.


Deliver better, more consistent cleaning results.


Your staff, customers AND your business will benefit.

Putting It to a Real World Test


We visited a working Salon to observe current cleaning tasks, and discuss how cleaning fits into business priorities (view full case study). Staff were encouraged not to change any cleaning habits or practices. Many photos were taken of the before and after cleaning state, and the time spent cleaning by each person, was measured. After the staff completed their cleaning, areas of the floor that were still visibly soiled were scrubbed again by staff using ProScrub and the same cleaning detergent.


Daily cleaning included a focus on glass & mirrors, waste removal, sweeping hair and debris, vacuuming entrance carpets and cleaning sinks. Washrooms are cleaned bi-weekly by an outside cleaning service. On busy days, floor mopping doesn’t always happen and was observed to be only partially effective. It removed mostly the daily dust and dirt; but not the build-up, scuff marks, or dirt from corners and baseboards. Floor discoloration was evident, as was build-up on along edges, in corners and under counters.


Daily cleaning time was estimated at 4.25 hours; the cost of cleaning was calculated to be $1,535/month or $0.63/sq.ft. External cleaners estimated the monthly cost to deep clean floors at $295.00. Using the same detergent, ProScrub was effective at removing build-up on the floor, in corners, around stylist stations, sinks, along edges and baseboards, and under counters. When an alternative detergent, specially designed to strip build up, was introduced, the floors were noticeably whiter.


  • Using ProScrub will improve the cleanliness of the Salon, particularly in areas that are noticeable to Clients and Staff.
  • Stylists and Salon staff can incorporate detail cleaning using ProScrub into their routine of everyday work; making it manageable and pleasant.
  • Investing in ProScrub will improve the efficiency and use of extra staff for cleaningaround chairs, stations, shampoo areas and counters. Our experience is that ProScrub will pay for itself in savings in under 4-months.
  • Users tell us that staff find ProScrub easy to use, cleans better than mopping alone, and changes an unpleasant cleaning job into pleasant and fun experience.