About Us

Our Story or “How We Made a Game-Changing Discovery”

At ProScrub, we understand that not everybody loves to clean and disinfect like we do. It’s sad but true! Our team of cleaning experts are not just experienced problem solvers; we also like to get our hands dirty! For some people, cleaning and disinfecting is an unpleasant part of their daily job, or perhaps they went to school to become a professional in their field, and yet find themselves stuck performing unrewarding cleaning tasks. The team at ProScrub knew there had to be a better way and set out on a hunt for an innovative and sustainable solution to this common problem encountered by salons, hospitals, long term care facilities, education institutions, and other professional environments. And that’s when we discovered ProScrub 2.1, by Bissell Commercial®.

ProScrub 2.1 Value Proposition

ProScrub 2.1 is a solution for cleaning difficult to access spaces; areas that are generally ignored with predictable outcomes. The build-up of dirt and grime in small or hard to reach locations could not be accessed by larger commercial cleaning equipment which was bulky, heavy to operate and could not respond to the diverse requirements of different physical environments. So facilities lived with the problem or got by with mopping and hand scrubbing, an unpleasant and tiring cleaning process. ProScrub 2.1 changes all that by providing consistent outcomes with better results and less effort. We quickly realized we had a game-changing device that would benefit a variety of professional environments and workplace challenges like stairs, baseboards, washrooms and more…

An Industry Leader in Professional Cleaning Equipment

ProScrub 2.1 is manufactured by Bissell Big Green Commercial® and already a proven hit in professional establishments across Canada. Here’s how are customers are benefitting:


ProScrub improves the cleanliness of environments, particularly in areas that are noticeable to clients.


Staff can incorporate small sections of deep floor cleaning into their routine and client-day; making it manageable and enjoyable.


Money spent on third-party cleaning can be more effectively used to maintain standards and protecting an owner’s investment in flooring, furniture and fixtures.


Using ProScrub, avoids strenuous cleaning functions, and reduces workplace strain and safety hazards. It can even enable an employee with job medical restrictions, to return to fully productive work sooner.


The payback on investing in a ProScrub unit can be returned through savings, and cost avoidance, in less than 4-months, even sooner in some environments.


ProScrub 2.1 is battery operated and easy to use in areas of your facility without access to electric power, and places that are too confined for large commercial equipment, such as stairwells, washrooms, and more….

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