ProScrub is designed with the user in mind, simple to handle, light and fully adjustable.


Saves money through better in-house cleaning and avoiding costly third-party services.


Professional grade, delivers more consistent results over mopping, wiping and hand scrubbing.


One device that can clean a variety of hard-to-reach locations, surfaces and materials.

Why Use ProScrub 2.1?

Customers expect a clean and well maintained professional environment; and business owners continually monitor overhead expenses, such as cleaning. Detailed cleaning is one task no one embraces enthusiastically. It often means back-breaking tedious work, in difficult to reach areas, sometimes working on your hands and knees.

ProScrub 2.1 provides an alternative: portable and powerful scrubbing action that can get into hard to access spaces. It is well suited for washrooms, stairwells, floors, baseboards, corners, walls, tiles and more…

ProScrub 2.1 is cost effective: an affordable professional-grade tool, ProScrub will lower your overhead cost of cleaning, by improving the efficiency of staff, and avoiding the need for costly outsider detail cleaning providers.

ProScrub 2.1 is well suited to a variety of professional environments: including Professional Beauty, Long Term Care, Animal Care, Restaurants, Hotels, Food Service, Public Transit, Pool & Spa, Hospitals and more…